Hello, My name is Hanyong Xu

As a data analyst, I solve complex problems to facilitate

urban planning, business development, and public policymaking.

Master of Urban Spatial Analytics'20 @ the University of Pennsylvania


Predictive Modeling / Machine Learning with R

Train Occupancy Prediction in Belgium

Skills used: R, Multinomial Logistic Regression, App Wireframe, Profit Optimization

Transit Ridership Prediction and Scenario Building in Austin

Skills used: R, Random Forest, XGBoost, Scenario Testing

Domestic Batteries Prediction in Chicago

Skills used: R, Poisson Regression Model

Home Prices Prediction in San Francisco

Skills used: R, OLS Modeling, Spatial Lag

Machine Learning / Data Analytics with Python

Food Desert Prediction in New York

Skills used: Python, Web Scraping, Twitter API, Sentiment Analysis, Street Network Analysis (Pandana), Machine Learning (Scikit-learn), Data Visualization (Altair, HvPlot, Seaborn, Folium, Panel)

Argentina Slums Identification with Deep Learning

Skill used: Python, Machine Learning (Scikit-learn), K-Means, SVM, Deep Learning (Keras), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), ResNet

Visualize Parking Violations in Philadelphia

Skill used: Python, datashader

Architectural Form Finding via Machine Learning

Skill used: Python, Tensorflow

Rent Price Analysis Scraping from Craigslist

Skill used: Python, beautifulsoup

Envictions in Philadelphia

Skill used: Python, pandas, geopandas, HvPlot

NDVI Analysis in Philadelphia

Skill used: Python, rasterio, rasterstats

Eurosat Image Classification with Deep Learning

Skill used: Python, Keras, CNN, VGG16

Web Application Using Javascript

Covid-19 Cases Visualization

Skills used: Javascript, Leaflet, HTML, CSS

Austin Transit Ridership Prediction and Visualization

Skills used: Javascript, Leaflet, Billboard, HTML, CSS

Environmental Spatial Analysis


Recidivism Memo

Evaluate the fairness of algorithms in predicting recidivism.

Architecture and Landscape Design

About Me