publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. Multi-Generative Agent Collective Decision-Making in Urban Planning: A Case Study for Kendall Square Renovation (working paper)
    Jin Gao, Hanyong Xu, and Luc Dao
    Feb 2024


  1. Fairness-Enhancing Vehicle Rebalancing in the Ride-hailing System (working paper)
    Xiaotong Guo, Hanyong Xu, Dingyi Zhuang, Yunhan Zheng, and Jinhua Zhao
    Dec 2023
    arXiv:2401.00093 [cs]
  2. Large Language Models for Travel Behavior Prediction (working paper)
    Baichuan Mo, Hanyong Xu, Dingyi Zhuang, Ruoyun Ma, Xiaotong Guo, and Jinhua Zhao
    Nov 2023
    arXiv:2312.00819 [cs]